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Search engine optimization has ended up being the lifestyle for the on-line marketers. You can not merely do without it. One special feature of the SEO is that it never confiscates to boost. The web is not static at all. Approaches as well as techniques of SEO are always vibrant, changing over time and also the years. 2015 has been a year of modification in the digital advertising. Also Google made some significant changes right. Nonetheless, that was that. We are in a new year. This to an electronic online marketer implies new SEO patterns to internet marketing men. So allow’s enters the possibilities of the SEO trends of 2017 we anticipate to rule over the year.

SEO is all about offering your site visitors what they need to make sure that they will certainly stick with you. Over the years, nearly all the sites are reliant on the composed web content. This entails writing blog site posts as well as website that call for continuous upgrading with time. Pictures, as well as video clips, have been treated as outer material for the visitors needing clarifications. Things will transform however with the video material expected to surpass the written things. The reason this will certainly take place is that the video clips ae even more interesting, effectiveness, reaching even more people or even extra ROI.

For the previous years, desktop computer optimization has been the dominant SEO agency Vancouver over the mobile optimization. The increase in the variety of mobile phone individuals has nonetheless made points change. Internet marketing professionals have to move as the users removal from the desktop computers to the smart devices. In 2015, Google made it clear that these 2 optimizations were virtually equivalent. This reveals that the rate of development of mobile customers is very high recently. This will cause the mobile optimization overtaking the desktop computer kind. The sources assigned to the mobile optimization demands, as a result, to be equal to the desktop computer style.

Amongst one of the most prominent pattern of perpetuity in Google is the social networks. It forms the market due to the fact that lots of people are combined in this neighborhood for socialization. Almost every person is on the social media sites Facebooking and twitting. If you can reach out to these people, you can connect to your leads. Also Google acknowledges the power of the social networks, as well as it is including the indexing on these sites too. The huge space that separated the internet material and the social media sites will obtain narrower in 2016. Online marketers should begin maximizing on their social media to be on the secure side this year.

Customers route the marketers on exactly what they need to be adding on their sites. Of late, there has actually been a trend of clients asking great deals of questions on the websites. If the website owners could supply the web content that is much more conversational and also colloquial, they have it in 2017.

Latest Testimonials

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Testimonials about Wanderlust
Sunset at Sandy CayThe following quotations were taken from the hundreds of letters we have received both personally and via brokers.They are in no particular order and are not meant to aggrandize the Captain — he had nothing to do with their selection!

“I really would like to recommend this particular cruise or anyone who is interested in a relaxing, fun-filled all inclusive vacation. The Wanderlust crew met and far exceeded all of our expectations and we look forward to spending more time with Captain Dick and his crew!! —Gary Larkin, Nevada

“I would like to thank you for the unforgettable days we spent aboard your magnificent ship. With every new sailing we appreciate it even more, and we are always impressed by the incomparable competence and human values of its Captain Dick.The service and attention as usual were impeccable: the variety of programs, sports and entertainment were more than ample; the food and drinks were excellent; and the lively warm and relaxing atmosphere helped us unwind as soon as we arrived.

In these rather hectic days, it is not always to gather the family to spend some time together, and at the same time fulfill the expectations of fun and relaxation of three generations. The yacht marketing online agency was outstanding. These cherished moments with the family are very important to all of us, and I sincerely thank you and all your crew for helping to make them so special” —Raül Moneta, Argentina

“Question: How does one improve on perfection? Answer: One books a second charter on the Wanderlust!” —Sally Cassidy, Texas

Wanderlust Crew and Guests

“Thank you for the spectacular week on the Wanderlust. The food was fantastic, the service could not have been more cordial and sincere and the spots we visited were both interesting and relaxing and picturesque. It was amazing to all of us that you could meet the needs of adults, older teenagers and young children all in one facility. —John O. Wynne, Virginia

“The quality evident in everything you do is most impressive, from Wanderlust herself, to the equipment and toys, to the food and beverages. This alone would be enough to warrant praise, but it is the quality of the crew that really puts the Wanderlust-experience over the top. And, who would expect to over-hear the locals talk about the Captain of the Wanderlust as being the best in the islands. We didn’t expect it but that is what we got.” —Darrell Boyle, California

I would enthusiastically recommend a Wanderlust vacation for those who enjoy superb cuisine, beautiful scenery, water activities of all descriptions, and especially getting away from it all.” —James W. Pellerin, Louisiana

An island barbecue with Yacht Wanderlust


“Finding an experience as real and true as that provided by you and your impeccable staff is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A week on Wanderlust along with you, her captain, is the gold standard by which all vacations must be judged. —Tom Africano, Illinois

“The entire package; you, the Wanderlust, the crew, the food and entire BVI experience was an adventure we will treasure always.” —Sam Agnew, Louisiana

“We can’t remember any trip when we had more fun and were more relaxed than the seven days we spent on the Wanderlust! The food was delicious, the boat was so pretty and comfortable, and the crew was so nice and accommodating (they spoiled us rotten).” —Susan Kachler, Texas

“I am writing on behalf of the entire Browning Family or as we call ourselves “the traveling squad” to say thank you for, in our family’s opinion, the best vacation we have ever had. I say that with the understanding that our week with you was our eighth time in the Virgin Islands, the seventh cruising.The Wanderlust is a wonderful boat, and all of its amenities and special touches clearly reflect your commitment to providing the most comfortable and user friendly environment possible.

Finally, the crew reflects your standards for quality and service and could not have been more attentive and helpful.” —Peter Browning, South Carolina

Partying with Yacht Wanderlust

“Thank you so much for a vacation that will always be cherished as one of our favorites. Everything was wonderful! Wonderful memories, fantastic food, great company, funny stories and a very attentive crew. We were spoiled beyond words and loved every minute of it!I think the kids summed up the trip the best:

The Wanderlust it’s the best, It’s better than all the rest. We swam we snorkeled, we cruised the sea. There’s nowhere else we’d rather be!”–Kathy Kirk, California

“We had a wonderful time on our recent Wanderlust vacation and I can’t thank you and the crew enough for the role you played in making our trip so thoroughly enjoyable.” —F. Dixon Brooke, Jr., Alabama

“It would be impossible to set into words the total that all 10 of my family had with the wonderful 8 days we spent on the Wanderlust. Not only was the weather perfect, the surroundings gorgeous and the time of year perfect, but the Wanderlust itself and the outstanding crew added a special touch to make this vacation one we thought could only be dreamed about, but never experienced.” —Jack Rattikin, Jr., Texas

“We have traveled previously on private yachts. We have taken vacations on large cruise ships, and we have traveled to Hawaii and many parts of the Caribbean. It is fair to say that none offer more privacy, more beauty, more variety and more customization or personalization than you, your crew and your yacht.” —David C. Weiner, New Jersey

“WOW! Another great trip! No. 4 was every bit as good as the first three trips. The Wanderlust experiences have become an important part of the Stuard family culture and we are looking forward to No. 5 and what surprises it might bring!” —Bea & Dale Stuard, California

“We have all been back for a little over one month and we all agree, adjusting to the “real world” after the WANDERLUST is tough.We would like to thank you for letting us be a part of the dream you created, literally with your own hands. The crew was wonderful and we appreciate the lengths you all went to in making our vacation the best ever. Thank you again for a wonderful week.” —William Sundstrom, Florida

Wanderlust Crew and Guests

“The cruise aboard the Wanderlust was one of the most fantastic and unforgettable experiences of my life. I would like to compliment you and your crew.” —Carl F. Halsted, California

“Impeccable service at all times whether it was a towel waiting as one came out of the water, or a drink being offered at the moment one sat down. All of this with great cheerfulness and ever present smilesŠAn amazing variety of activities because of all of your “toys” and the flexibility and spaciousness of a trimaran (both for living and sleeping). There was always room to escape to read a novel in peace or find several activities going on at the same time.” —David M. Veit, New York

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about our fantastic vacation aboard the WANDERLUST. It was truly and experience never to be forgotten.” —James N. Baird, Jr., Ohio

“We knew what we expected from a private charter and our week aboard the Wanderlust exceeded those expectations. The Wanderlust is an extremely comfortable yacht and we enjoyed first class accommodations. You have an outstanding crew which made for some very safe and exciting dives, excellent dining and constant pampering.” —Dan Bellow, Texas

“Thanks again for a truly amazing vacation. My week on the Wanderlust was a unique and especially enjoyable holiday. You and your crew cannot be complimented enough.” —Nick Kesslering, Illinois

“Our whole family would like to thank you for a very special week aboard “Wanderlust”. From the moment we boarded in Tortola we lived one of the most wonderful vacation weeks of our lives.” —Enrique J. Pardo, Venezuela

“I can’t thank you enough for one of the best vacations of our lives! So relaxing and so beautiful – I’m ready to go back! Truly, the Wanderlust is one of the greatest escapes – with all the amenities included! From the food to the hike up the rain forest, everything was first class. I commend you and your fantastic crew on accommodating our every need and making our trip an absolute delight! Thanks so much for your hospitality!” —Kelly Curtis, Massachusetts

“As we left the Wanderlust on Saturday I had tears in my eyes, I felt as if we were leaving our family behind. Our second charter on the Wanderlust exceeded all our expectations.” —Vicki Payne, California

“The WANDERLUST is absolutely the finest charter yacht in the Caribbean. The boat is fantastic and the captain and crew superb. Without a doubt the best vacations we have ever had.The boat is well equipped, the staterooms are very comfortable and the main salon excellent. In all honesty though, the captain and crew made the trip. They are friendly, yet professional, and know the islands very well and see to it that all have a good time

I recommend the WANDERLUST to anyone who wants to charter in the Caribbean.” —Wat Moyers, Oklahoma

Wanderlust Yacht Charters - A family vacation!

“We have been on many vacations to many fabulous places, but none can compare to the time we spent on the Wanderlust.” —Donnie Seay, Texas

“I have seldom if ever escaped so completely as my week aboard the Wanderlust. If others in the party quested for activity and action, I longed for and needed the quiet moments and I took them because they were there. I thank you and your superb crew for that.” —Homer H. Hickam, Jr., Alabama

“What made it so perfect was in great part the result of the service, accommodations and attention to detail that you and your excellent crew provided us, with no compromises, during our two weeks on the Wanderlust.” —Rodolpho Bryce, New Jersey

“Just wanted to say hello and tell you again how incredible our Wanderlust adventure was. We are all suffering from re-entry into the real world.Each anchorage was more beautiful than the one before; each snorkeling experience was even more amazing than the one before I couldn’t understand how something that was already wonderful just kept getting better!

Dick, thank you again for the incredible job you do, making dreams come true for all of us and giving us memories that will last for lifetimes.” —Lauren Boyle, California

“We have done nothing but talk about our vacation aboard the Wanderlust since our return. It is hard to explain the experience to others without sounding as though we have made up a fantastic story. From the snorkeling and SCUBA to the fabulous food and drink the experience was unforgettable.” —Tom Carlstead, Illinois

The ability to satisfy every wish of a group of sixteen people is a skill you have worked hard at and mastered. I have been on many other charters and none was managed more professionally than the Wanderlust. The fact that you and your crew made everything, such as wind surfing, laser sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, lobster diving, picnics and even volleyball available with a SMILE enhanced our trip tremendously.” —Edward Hickey, Jr., Indiana

“From the moment we stepped on board, Dick Nichol and his crew responded to our every wish with enthusiasm and warmth. The boat was in A-1 condition and provided very comfortable accommodations for our family group of eleven. The food was absolutely superb, and all of the activities were provided without the slightest interruption to the flow of the family fun during the week. We all felt at the end of the cruise that our family had been expanded to include Dick and the rest of the good folks on the Wanderlust.” —Ted Halkyard, New Jersey

Wanderlust Crew

“We had the best time ever with you on our spring break, so much so I was sincere about continuing my cruise with you. Your boat is wonderful, comfortable, so many toys, never a dull moment. The Wanderlust gave me my best vacation ever.” —Judy Linehan, New York

“What a marvelous time my family and I had aboard your very special boat. The boat is marvelous. It shows your tender loving care and your imagination in construction. The Captain is above and beyond the call of duty. The crew reflected the strong leadership of the Captain. I was so pleased we had an opportunity to spend an unforgettable and highly memorable week with you and your staff. Not only are you highly professional, but you are warm, friendly and very personable.Thanks for one exceptional special week!” —Mike Lude, Washington

Thank you for the good time we spent aboard the Wanderlust. Having such a large and heterogeneous group, I was worried about your capacity to handle the situation. Now, I can only say that you and your crew could not have done it better. We had a wonderful vacation, we tired ourselves out every day with all the activities available, so we went to bed early and happy every day.” —Gustavo F. Galdo, Venezuela
Paul McCartney Family on Wanderlust
If you would like to talk with one of our previous charter guests please do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with someone in your area.



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See The Destination

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The Virgin Islands are a magical Caribbean archipelago of more than forty islands and cays. They seem to have been created expressly for the pleasures of yachting and water sports. Located about 60 miles east of Puerto Rico; volcanic in origin, the BVI’s feature rugged mountain peaks rising from the blue Caribbean Sea with unusual names such as Great Dog, Fallen Jerusalem, Prickly Pear and Pelican Island. The islands, many of them uninhabited and attainable only by yacht, offer solitude and a simplicity of living unknown to most people.

The islands’ peculiar names were first given by Columbus in 1493. He named the scattered islands as a group in honor of St. Ursula and her 11,000 virgins who, according to history were murdered by the pagan Huns in the 13th century.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands 

Tortola Map

Anegada | Cooper Island | Jost Van Dyke,Sandy Cay,Sandy Spit | Norman Island | Peter Island | Salt Island | Tortola | Virgin Gorda
Rich in sailing lore the Sir Francis Drake Channel, named for that fabled round-the-world voyager and privateer, constitutes an “inland sea” in the middle of the Caribbean. Sheltered by the surrounding islands, the channel, with its calm seas and easterly trade winds, has become a favorite cruising ground with yachtsmen from around the world.

There is a slow tempo that runs through the BVI. You can feel it in the air and hear it in the speech of the islanders. It takes a while for visitors to slow down to the relaxed pace of life and absence of a schedule.

Tour The Yacht

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Wanderlust is a custom built 65′ offshore cruising trimaran that went into charter service in the BVI’s in the late 1970’s and has recently undergone two major refits to keep her on the cutting edge. With her three hulls and two deck levels she has a wealth of living accommodation and recreation areas both above and below decks. Her spaciousness is virtually unmatched by other yachts of her length.

Wanderlust Main Salon
Guests may enjoy a much greater amount of privacy than can be expected on a mono hull charter yacht and can easily find their own spot for a little peaceful relaxation. During the day the large shaded aft deck area becomes a buzz of conversation and camaraderie. With unlimited sunning space on the teak decks and cabin tops there is no shortage of recreation and relaxation areas on board.

In the days of aluminum and fiberglass, Wanderlust combines the spirit of tradition with the comforts of today. Walnut and teak interiors, teak decks, and sparkling stainless steel hardware blend well with the contemporary plush leather furniture, and cream berber carpeting. The main salon features a well stocked bar, surround sound entertainment system with an extensive collection of CD’s and videos. The layout of the salon above the deck levels affords a panoramic view of the islands enhanced by the unusually large windows. All of the guest accommodation , including the main salon may be air conditioned when required.  Most of the work was done by a leading yacht refit and repair Barcelona firm.

There are six guest staterooms with full double beds and one additional stateroom with four single berths. Each cabin has a vanity unit and four of the double staterooms feature en-suite bathrooms. The two additional double staterooms share a larger separate bathroom with the forward single berth cabin. The staterooms have ample hanging space with an abundance of drawer space. As well as being air conditioned all of the cabins are naturally well ventilated with large opening deck hatches, protective sun shades and electric fans.
The large reverse osmosis water system provides copious quantities of delicious fresh water for drinking and bathing. There are numerous entertainment’s from music, board games and videos through the gamut of water toys, hammocks etc.

Wanderlust Boat Plan

The galley and crew areas are located on the lower deck level, completely separate from the guest accommodations.